Needful things

If ypu own one or more of these and are willing to donate them to the archive - please get in contact with us 

Datenschleuder missing:

  • Ausgabe 19
  • Ausgabe 22
  • Ausgabe 28+29 (Doppelausgabe)
  • Ausgabe 47

2600 missing:

a lot.  we have got various issues (parts of them in piles) but a lot are missing. please get in touch to clarify.

Hacktic missing:

we have got some - but not all. same as 2600...


We are interested in each and every Hardcopy of Hacking related Books - preferable 1st issues in good condition

Misc Stuff:

If you own artifacts from conferences (especially the early ones) like Badges, Posters, Proceedings etc.pp. and are willing to donate or just store them in the archive - let us know.

Feel free to ask us _before_ you dump stuff..