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The Sticker Archive
Sticker designs for re-printing and remixing. May also include other graphic files suitable for use in stickers.

As you can see the metadata for those designs is not complete, including the author and/or usage rights sometimes. If you know more about specific graphic designs, or are the author of some of them and can add information, please use the contact form to get in touch.

If you have or know of designs that we’re missing, or that you’d like to make publicly available, feel free to use the “Contribute” link to upload them, if possible with information about the creator, usage rights and so on.


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  • Zensurheberrecht Wahlen
    Kampagnensticker mit weißem Text auf schwarzem Grund: „Erst ignorieren sie dich, dann bezeichnen sie dich als "Bot", dann nennen sie dich "gekauft", und dann führen sie #uploadfilter ein. ABER DANN SIND WAHLEN!“
  • Year 2038 Compliant
    This design is a play on the graphic on the sticker depicted here: The fonts used are Gabarito and whatever my system’s default Sans Serif font is (probably Open Sans or so). I adapted it for printing on a square-shaped sticker, but last-minute decided against printing it for 37C3.
  • Y2K38: Remember to turn off your computer
    This one is a direct reference to the Best Buy sticker from the late 90s, which is in the public domain (although the Best Buy logo in that version is obviously restricted in its use by being a Trademark). I adapted this to be printed on Din A8 format for better printing prices and had to do some trade-offs there, especially with the white bottom-right corner.
  • Women of IT
    Portraits of women who made important contributions towards information technology, computer science and/or science in general: Ada Lovelace, Grace Hopper, Margaret Hamilton, Katherine Johnson und Adele Goldberg
  • we have onions
    Green onion clipart on black background with the text “we have onions” around it. It’s a sticker to promote the TOR project.
  • Wash hands before returning to libc
    Restroom sticker saying “Employees must wash hands before returning to libc”, meant for being put next to the sink.
  • Warning Prototype
    Warning sign saying “Warning - Prototype - Device may surprised you”. Next to it a pictogram displaying a bleeding person with an exploded device in their hand.
  • VSCode / vim Misbrand
    VSCode logo in the style of the vim logo.
  • Voll gut (mit Sternchen)
    Hangemalter Stern mit handschriftlichem Text „voll gut“ darunter.
  • Volk Off
    Text „Volk Off“ in alter Schrift in weiß auf schwarz. Wahrscheinlich in ahnlenung an “fuck off” spezifisch für nationalistische/völkische Inhalte.
  • Voctocat Logo
    Stylized waving cat (those for good fortune" in black/white, waving and holding a “play” button in the other hand.
  • vim Pony
    vim logo with a fictitious “My Little Pony” in the colours from the logo in front of it.
  • Verhalten bei Hausdurchsuchungen
    Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung für das Verhalten bei Hausdurchsuchungen zum neben die Tür kleben. Angelehnt an das Design der Hinweisschilder wie z.B. „Verhalten im Brandfall“. War der Datenschleuder 099 beigelegt.
  • Unsachgemäßes Anbringen untersagt!
    Warnhinweis: „Achtung! Das unsachgemäße Anbringen dieses Aufklebers ist untersagt!“ im Stile eines Ortsschilds.
  • United Federation of the Fediverse
    The Star Trek Logo for the “United Federation of the Universe”, adapted for the Fediverse.
  • Tux Security
    Penguin with a pink hard had that has a fish and some cigarettes held to it with a rainbow coloured strap. It’s apparently smoking a blunt and expressing some gangsta pose or attitude.
  • Tschunk and root
    Text “Tschunk and root” next to a Tschunk cocktail, encouraging people to drink Tschunk while doing root things. Referencing the “don’t drink and drive” slogan.
  • Trump - Schwachkopf
    Schwarzkopf-Logo mit Trumps Kopf und der Unterschrift „Schwachkopf“
  • Trans Rights Or Riot Nights
    Trans pride flag with text in capital letters "trans rights or riot nights". The font resembles that of an old typewriter. Each wort ist placed in the center of one of the flag’s five stripes.
  • Toilette wird Videoüberwacht
    Hinweisschild „Aus hygienischen Gründen wird diese Toilette videoüberwacht. Wir danken für Ihr Verständnis“
  • The Usual Suspects
    Illustrations of the 21C3’s "usual suspects" in three variants. Part of the 21C3 design language.
  • Tastaturstern (18C3)
    Classic red star (like the communism one) with the keys of a full-sized keyboard on its horizontal axis.
  • Stiftung Warentest - Nicht so geil
    Fiktives Ergebnis einer „Stiftung Warentest“-Überprüfung mit dem enttäuschenden Ergebnis „Nicht so Geil (6,0)“. Jahreszahl ist 2017.
  • Spacetime
    Warning label saying „Warning - Device bends space and time“ with a wormhole next to it.
  • SpaceAPI logo
    "The SpaceAPI provides information about hackerspaces, like addresses, contact information, or door opening status. One team member maintaining this project approached me and asked if I could design a logo for them. Well, sure! :)"
  • Shrug Emoticon
    A shrug emoticon in white on black background.
  • Shenzhen Portal
    A logo for Stratum 0’s storage system for electronic components, the Shenzhen Portal.
  • Sacred Chao (black/white)
    A black and white version of the “Sacred Chao” symbol, as referenced by the Principia Discordia. Created to have a plottable version of it to print it on a hoodie.
  • Sacred Chao
    The Sacred Chao symbol of Discordianism (with pentagon and Eris' golden apple of discord inscribed καλλιστι i.e. καλλιστῃ).
  • Rust / Node.js Logo Misbrand
    Mashup of the Rust (programming language) logo and the Node.js one.
  • Ruby on Rails / ? Misbrand
    Mashup of the “Ruby on Rails” logo with another one I don’t recognize.
  • Resistence is not futile
    Just the text “Resistance is not futile” in white on black, encouraging people to resist. References the Borg from Star Trek saying “Resistance is futile”.
  • Remember the 90s
    Text “Remember the nineties” in the colours red, green and blue (each word in one colour) and a yellow box around it. Has some added JPEG compressions fragments.
  • Remember the 80s
    „Remember the 80s“ graphic with classical 80s pop culture graphic style elements.
  • Regenbogenherz
    A heart with a stripe in every colour of the rainbow (like the pride flag).
  • Refugees Welcome
    Classical “Refugees Welcome” motive with two parents and a child fleeing displayed in between the text.
  • Read the Manual
    A group of people holding up a sign, and below the following text: “Read the Manual”. The style reminds of the old soviet propaganda posters, and so does the font.
  • ReactJS / ? Misbrand
    A mashup of the React JS logo and another one I don’t recognize. Maybe also a programming language?
  • Radio Sterne
    Portrait of Marie Curie with the text “Bądź Radykalnie” below it. That’s Polish for “be radical”.
  • Quellen-TKÜ+ Überwachtes Gerät
    Fiktiver Info-Sticker der angibt, dass das beklebte Gerät mittels "Quellen-TKÜ Plus" von den deutschen Diensten überwacht wird. Basically a German version of "NSA Monitored Device"
  • Proprietary Bullshit
    A satirical “seal of approval” with the text “Proprietary Bullshit” around a pile of poo. Also a German variant of it.
  • Progressive Pride Heart
    A heart in the colours of the progressive pride flag.
  • Premier Rendez-Vous
    Portrait of Katherine Johnson in front of a starting rocket above the text “Compute to the Moon”.
  • Politische Aktion
    Antifalogo mit Chaosknoten auf der schwarzen Flagge und der Schrift „Politische Aktion“ im Kreis
  • pip Misbrand
    Mashup of the Python “pip” logo and another one that I don’t recognize.
    Old revision of the by now well-known Cryptoparty Stickers, still saying, “FTW” instead of “WTF” at the bottom.
  • Pesthörnchen
    Das Pesthörnchen ist so etwas wie das inoffizielle Logo des CCC und spielt natürlich auf das Logo der Deutschen Bundespost an.
  • økoyono
    Logo of the “økoyono” virtual hackerspace
  • Old Man yells at Cloud
    Image from the Simpsons TV series showing grandpa yelling at a cloud.
  • Offline ist das neue Bio
    Schriftzug „Offline ist das neue Bio“ in Bilderrahmen
  • Ocker Sticker
    The Docker logo, but the 'd' is missing and the whale is tinted ochre (German: "ocker")
  • NSA Seal
    The official seal of the National Security Agency, without any modifications.
  • Not for military use
    Just a yellow sticker with black text saying “Not for military use”
  • No Masters, No Gods! - Arabic
    A square rotated by 45° saying “No Masters, No Gods!” in a right-angled style in the colours purple, cyan and white. The Arabic version.
  • No Masters, No Gods!
    A square rotated by 45° saying “No Masters, No Gods!” in a right-angled style in the colours purple, cyan and white.
  • Nicht für den militärischen Einsatz
    Ein gelber Aufkleber mit schwarzem Schriftzug: „Nicht für den militärischen Einsatz“
  • Never deploy on Friday
    Design similar to the old soviet propaganda posters displaying a worker pointing his thumb up, together with the text “Never deploy on Friday - Even if you know waht you’re doing.”
  • Musical Rickroll
    First couple of notes for the song „Rick Astley - Never gonna give you up“ (it’s enough to recognize the melody if you hear it).
  • Multiocular o
    Sticker-friendly versions of U+A66E CYRILLIC LETTER MULTIOCULAR O
  • Mittel Mordor
    Logo für Mittel-Mordor mit einem Gebäude , das ich nicht wiedererkenne.
  • Mirror Beauty
    Warning label: „Warning: Reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of 'beauty'.“
  • Microsoft? Nein Danke
    Variante des „Atomkraft? nein danke“ Motivs mit (altem) Microsoft Logo
  • Meta
    Just the text “META” in black on white
  • Memento Mori
    Illustration of a skull from the side with the text “Memento Mori” below it.
  • Winkekatze
    Winkekatze im Comic-Stil mit Bildunterschrift „“
  • Marie Curie Laptop Sticker
    Portrait of Marie Curie, in a design that resembles those “Intel Inside” etc. stickers for laptops.
  • Maos Computer Club
    Fiktives Logo für „Maos Computer Club“ mit Chaosknoten und Sternen
  • Mängelexemplar
    Rotes Inventarlabel „Mängelexemplar“
  • Lynn Conway Laptop Sticker
    Portrait of Lynn Conway, in a design that resembles those “Intel Inside” etc. stickers for laptops.
  • Liberty, Equality, Net Neutrality
    Art Nouveay style illustration depicting goddess Justicia with a wifi scale in one and a bunch of ethernet cables in the other hand. In between the text: “Let us all live in Liberty, Equality, Net Neutrality”
  • LGBT Kiss Designs
    Kiss cut stickers with six pairs of lips in the colours of different pride flags.
  • Leak More Docs
    Black and white text on red background: „LEAK MORE DOCS“
  • Landesverräter
    Sticker mit weißer, altertümlicher Schrift auf lila Grund „Landesverräter“ und darunter in Serifenschrift „Cryptoparty <3 Netzpolitik“. Als Unterstützung von
  • Laber nich, tuwat
    Bild des bekannten „We can do it“-Motivs mit dem Schriftzug „Laber nich, tuwat“ statdessen
  • Keine Software ist illegal
    Schriftzug schwarz auf gelb mit Symbol in der Mitte
  • Kein Bit ist illegal
    Aufkleber im Stile des „Kein Mensch ist illegal“-Designs, mit bits statt Menschen
  • Kein Backup - Kein Mitleid
    Schriftzug „Kein Backup - Kein Mitleid“ schwarz auf weiß mit Diskettensymbol in der Mitte
  • Katherine Johnson Laptop Sticker
    Portrait of Katherine Johnson, in a design that resembles those “Intel Inside” etc. stickers for laptops.
  • Just do Git
    A play on the Nike slogan “just do it” saying “just do git” with the git logo instead of the Nike swoosh.
  • Java/Javascript Misbrand
    Javascript logo in the style of the Java logo (with the coffe mug and everything)
  • It’s a survival trait
    Razor and Blade from the "Hackers" movie presenting an old laptop, and around it the text "Remember, Hacking is more than just a crime. It’s a survival trait."
  • Illusion (Hack the Cistem)
    Portrait of a woman I don’t recognize with the text “Hack the Cistem” at the bottom.
  • If you break it, it’s broken...
    Warning label with a broken heart in a triangle, and the text “Caution - If you break it, it’s broken” next to it.
  • I::IPv6
    Text „I::IPv6“ in white and red on black ground.
  • I have my headphones on – Don’t talk to me
    Headphones in white on black with the text „I have my headphones on – Don’t talk to me“ on and in between them.
  • Humanity - Code Red 36C3
    Text „Humanity - Code Red“ in the 36C3 design
  • Hand of Eris
    The Five Fingered Hand of Eris as depicted on pg. 00021 of the Principia Discordia.
  • Hacking 0100 Freedom
    The FSFE’s geeky sticker with the slogan "Hacking 0100 Freedom" in different colour variations.
  • hacker inside
    Play on the "Intel Inside" logo just with a hacker inside the computer the sticker is put on.
  • Hacker in Hängematte
    Hacker with a hoodie and a laptop sitting in a hammock
  • Hacker auf Halbmond
    Hacker with a hoodie and a laptop sitting on the moon
  • Hackbrett
    Schriftzug „Hackbrett“ und eine Laptoptastatur in schwarz auf gelbem Grund
  • Gutes Cyber, Schlechtes Cyber
    Schriftzug „Gutes Cyber, Schlechtes Cyber“ im Stil des „Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten“-Logos
  • Grace Hopper Laptop Sticker
    Portrait of Grace Hopper, in a design that resembles those “Intel Inside” etc. stickers for laptops.
  • GPN 2015 Logo
    Logo of the Gulaschprogrammiernacht 2015, with ones and zeroes raining from a cloud
    In bold and white font the text „GPG TOR OTR WTF“ on black ground, and below a small “” logo.
  • Google? Nein Danke
    Variante des „Atomkraft? Nein Danke“ Motivs mit Google Logo
  • Goodbye, CCH
    "For five years, the Congress Centrum in Hamburg, Germany has been the venue for the annual Chaos Communication Congress, a four-day conference for hackers, artists, and open-minded folk. The building was opened in 1973, and while it is a little antiquated by now, its charm was loved by many. In 2017, the building will be closed for renovation for a few years, the older parts as well as the depicted front entrance will be removed. This image is dedicated to the old CCH, to say thanks for everything and goodbye! To the left is one of the CCC’s logos, the rocket Fairy Dust."
  • Go Get Organize!
    Don’t listen to the bosses lies. Go get organize!